Wednesday, August 5, 2009


EKTA FOUNDATION is a registered Charitable Trust formed by a few Eunuchs at Mumbai for the benefit of Eunuchs, gays & lesbians, Transloevers, male to female Cross Dressers, female Commercial Sex workers, their children, Highway Truckers, HIV/AIDS infected persons, senior citizens and all the deprived categories of society.
We have taken up the issues of Rights to Eunuchs known more commonly as Hijras or Chakkas or Kinnar and are in the process of getting Voter's Identity Cards, Ration Cards and other facilities for the members of our community.
EKTA FOUNDATION has been registered with the Charity Commissioner at Mumbai and the registration number is E-25751 dated 04 June 2009. Our Income tax examption Certificate is in the pipeline but we have already started conducting events to boost up the morale of members of our community who were till late leading a desperate life.
We look forward to your valued support and shall be glad to partner with any other likeminded organization, establishment and or individual.
Our contact information is :
16, Janaki Munna Chawl,
Lake Road, Sonapur,
Bhandup West,
Mumbai 400 078.
Maharashtra- India.
Contact Numbers
091 - 22 - 25966161, 9867646323
Contact person
Managing Trustee


  1. Hi Dear,its a great thought to help the people. who are not able get justice from the issues regarding..i appriciate for the nice thought,you are the best person.i will give u full support in this regard.
    wish u all the best

  2. hai abhirami iam intrested to come and work in your organisation as avolunteer iam pallavi from hyd if you like plz mail me at

  3. Namaskar Abhirami
    My self Raj Tawate from Andheri , i am free on weekends . please let me know how on weekends i can help your NGO activities .

    I know every person has social responsibilities & this is right way to fulfill it


  4. Hi Abhirami,

    I am based in Kolkata and I really want to work for the children who are born with this disorder or are forced by removal of their body parts for flesh trade.
    I have tried to go about alone without any NGO backing. I have a few ideas about what to do about the children but initial stages of getting thru to them is difficult.
    Can you help me understand how to start or how I can get support.

    Hoping you will write back to me as I really am in need.

    Thanks n regards,

  5. Hi,I'm starting a taxi service in Mumbai. I wanted to extend employment to people who are finding it hard to make a living. Pls contact me if interested.

  6. Hi,I'm starting a taxi service in Mumbai. I wanted to extend employment to people who are finding it hard to make a living. Pls contact me if interested.

  7. Hi Abhirami

    I am a Master's student and i am on a project for developing some product that could benefit eunuchs in their daily life. It would be great if someone from your team could contact me.

    Thanks and regards,
    Rohan Agarwal

  8. You deserve all kudos in view of the wonderful job you're doing.Let's be buddies. My academic interest lies in Gender Dysphoria. Dr.B.B.Das

  9. Hello Abhirami.
    We are al Human beings with different sexual orientation. That's all. There is no other difference in us. We all deserve living the same way. There is an agreement that is created in this world that Enuchs are a certain way. We can alter that agreement. I am committed to work on this. I am from Bangalore. Please contact me at 9448119902. I want your support in this matter.

  10. hello Abhirami,

    My organisation would like to associate with your NGO to help the cause. I tried calling on the number given but couldnt get through. Kindly share your correct contact details

  11. hi i am Venkatesh from andhra pradesh would like to help transgender communicty